Winner of the Ospreys v Scarlets Tickets!

Congratulations to Stephanie Hall, you win two tickets for the game on Saturday 7th October

Please pick your tickets up between 10am and 4pm from our Macron Scarlets Shop.

Scarlets Macron Competition Results

Thank you for joining in with the fun and giving yourself a chance to win some great prizes, we really do appreciate your valued support.

Here are the answers to the competition quiz –

Q1.Which of the following is a Rugby Union term?

A1. Jackeling the Ball

Q2. A scrum “Against the head” means?

A2. The opposition wins the ball on the other teams put-in

Q3. Who or what is a Garryowen?

A3. A high, hanging kick

Thank you all for joining in our competition, more coming soon!

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